Feb. 22nd, 2009

My housemate is awesome - she's lived here now just over 18 months or so, and, while I knew it wouldn't last forever, I thought I still had at least another 3-4 months before she would likely be moving out. She finished her schooling in September, and has been looking for work in her field, but had decided to stick it out till June at her current job (which she hates) because the economy wasn't making it easy to find new work.

However, this week, her mom landed in the hospital, ended up having a portion of her foot amputated, and nearly died because a small infection in her toe wouldn't heal, and nearly became septic. Her mom's blood sugar was over 400 (normal is somewhere around 110?) and the doctors confirmed what her daughters had suspected, which was that mom is diabetic and *not* taking proper care of herself.

So my housemate drove down to southern california this weekend to figure out what to do - and just called my landlord to say that she's moving back home with her mom to help out. Her mom has hyperbaric treatments every weekday for the next 2 months - but the nearest facility is an hour and a half away - 1.5 hours to get there, 2 hour treatment, 1.5 hours back - crazy.

My housemate told me that she's pretty sure that her mom would just not go, just like she ignored the infected wound in her toe that landed her in the hospital...so she feels that she needs to go home and make sure that her mom deals with stuff instead of ignoring it.

So yeah...I can totally relate, what with the looming spectre of my mom's health issues, and while I think it's completely unfair that she has to give up her life and do this, I can understand exactly why she feels it's necessary and there's just stuff you do, because it's family.

But at the same time - and here's me whining about me - dammit, I hate finding a housemate!

Oh well. C'est la vie.


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