it's beginning to be a habit that I only have time to post on weekends...

Last week was Training Week. We brought in all the offsite folks so we had a ton of people in the office - plus 2 people from the UK, who are starting up as partners/resellers for Europe, and Tachi-san from Japan. Not everyone was present all week, though just about everyone did make it to the Christmas party Thursday night (except one person who was on vacation last week in Mexico, so we won't feel sorry for him).

Training was all right - mostly it was just good to have everyone together, and talk about the direction of the company and the product, and get feedback from the people "in the field" on the things that are causing them the most pain.

Company Christmas Party )

So now I'm realizing that I suddenly have 4 bits of hardware in my house that would like to use a wireless Internet connection, and I am not able to use ours, because nobody knows the password (my roommate brought it with from her last place, and the password is saved on her laptop). We're afraid to hit the hard reset button, because this wireless router is from Spain, and has been heavily modified twice - if we reset it back to factory defaults, we have no idea what it would roll back to.

She's going to see if the guy who did the last set of modifications, remembers anything. Else, I'll probably have to buy a new one.

December has been a tech toy month - I have my wii, the itouch and also my new ultra-mobile laptop thing - the Asus EEE which is a 2lb, tiny laptop that is about the size of a DVD case.

Don't want to go back to work though.
This week was crazy

1) customer sites falling over when they ran reports that have been running fine for 3 years. I ended up having to lock them out of keyword search capability - which of course they weren't thrilled about. Still no solution from Engineering - Oracle support is stumped and keeps asking us to run more tests.

2) 3 people on vacation means "dump all your work on spiffikins!" Thanks guys. Really.

3) Co-location facility had a random network problem that meant that Thursday, 10 minutes after I had finally left the office for lunch (at 4:15pm) - I started getting paged that EVERY SINGLE SERVER was down. Accelerated heartbeat - check. Stress level through the roof - check. Thankfully they got their shit together and brought the connection back up within 10 minutes or so.

4) Friday morning - no power in the building. Co-worker calls to say "the computers are all beeping oddly". Yeah. That would be the UPS alarms. Apparently a branch fell onto our favourite power pole. The same one that 2 squirrels and a crow have committed suicide by transformer on. I strongly suspect the wildlife of gnawing through the branch in an effort to take out the pole before any more of them are killed.

5) Did I mention the absolute HORDE of super-critical, freaked out customers? Is it the full moon this week? Holy Crap.

BUT - all of this absolutely *pales* in insignificance, because today at 11:30am my alarm reminded me to call GameStop to see if they got any wii consoles in. The first store told me that they got theirs in at 9am and they were gone. The store in the mall however, got their shipment in a bit later and STILL HAD A FEW.

One of them is MINE now. All mine.

Tonight I stopped by Circuit City to leisurely pick up another wiimote (with the wii Play game), 2 nunchuks, and Rayman's Ravin Rabbids.

I am content.

But, first I have to collect a bunch of data from a) 3years of emails, b) a 14 sheet spreadsheet and c) our support site and arrange it into (as my boss described it) "a simple spreadsheet for me".

And also write up my training documentation - I have 3 sessions to teach next week in our internal training. One of them is on the *most* requested topic and, all agree, the hardest and least documented and understood.


But I have a wii.


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