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Apr. 8th, 2007 09:28 pm
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I made it through my first week back at work, after vacation - and it was okay!

Talking to a co-worker of mine last week, I mentioned that I *really* needed a break, because even though I was *coping* with the stress, I was definitely not in a good place. I definitely am much more relaxed and interact with people at a much better level - amazingly enough, after a week off, the world became filled with much fewer stupid people!

Or maybe part of it was me.

My co-worker, who still needs a break, agreed that we definitely work ourselves into a negative place - but at the time, it's difficult to see that a *lot* of the problem is our own stress levels, and how we react to things that happen.

So - note to self - take vacation more often - try to be more self-aware and identify when I need a break before it gets so bad again!!

In other news, I went to Ikea this weekend (all hail flat-pack furniture!) and bought 2 dressers. I've only put one together so far - but it's lovely! I'm going to fill these drawer with all the stuff that is sitting in my room, making my room look so messy!

Also, Walmart Supercenter is open on holidays, unlike many other stores. I picked up a bunch of groceries, came home, cleaned out the freezer (whose door my part-time roommate left OPEN an inch for 3 days until I finally noticed, and everything was wrecked) and put my food in.

Still need to clean out the fridge of scary things (like a month-old taco bell soft taco my housemate left, the last time she was here - ugh) but that can be done tomorrow.

Also, Happy Zombie Jesus Day to those who celebrate!


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