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Dec. 25th, 2008 12:02 am
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oh winter. you really shouldn't have. really.

trapped in a winter wonderland - over a foot of snow overnight here. this generally means that we're stuck for 3-4 days until the snowplow goes over every single street in town at least three times, including the street at the end of our cul-de-sac, before finally deigning to take a cursory sweep through our circle.

the neighbours have an SUV, and he made it out into the middle, and escaped - but of course he didn't make any trails remotely near our driveway. I shovelled out a pathway for my mom's car this afternoon - our driveway is long and very wide - you could easily park a dozen midsize cars on our driveway.

now that the snow has stopped falling, I went back out tonight and shoveled the *street* - another driveway-length out till I met up with the tire tracks that had been made by the neighbour.

this gives us a fighting chance tomorrow of escaping the cul-de-sac and venturing out into the Rest of the World in order to pick up my brother from the airport in Vanouver.


we shall see - Vancouver apparently got even *more* snow than we did, and are possibly less equipped to deal with it.

it's supposed to start raining tomorrow evening or friday morning - at which point the snow will be come 50x heavier - it was actually not that bad today -cold enough that the snow was light and fluffy and not saturated with water(the normal condition around here).

though I believe very little of what the weather people say - the theory is that tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, and then it's supposed to warm up and rain for the rest of the year. which is a good thing, as I do need to fly back to california on the 31st.

despite my travel fears, I had a smooth transit from SFO to YVR - apparently flights leaving vancouver were the ones being delayed - flights arriving were doing okay.

because my brother travels tomorrow, we're not having our big turkey dinner until friday - assuming he makes it home tomorrow :) if we can't escape the snow prison, he'll stay with friends in vancouver and we'll play it by ear and see when we can get him.

of course, now that I've shovelled the street, the snowplow will come around tonight :)

I'd be okay with that.


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