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Apr. 6th, 2009 10:16 pm
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The owner of the company brings his dogs in to the office nearly every day - we all love having the dogs in the office, and I keep dog treats in my desk as a means to lure them to me and make them love me :)

2 Octobers ago, one of the dogs had to be put to sleep after he attacked one of the gardeners - the vet said that he had tumours and that it was not unusual for dogs to become more aggressive and unpredictable at that stage in the illness, when pain became an issue. So we lost Sneakers, who was a very odd dog - he'd been mistreated for the first few years of his life, before he was rescued and placed with his new family - he was kept in a cage all the time. But, despite his personality quirks, he was a friendly dog to people he decided he liked, and he absolutely adored my boss.

Bear, the second dog, was an absolute *mess* for months afterwards. Just absolutely despondent at not having Sneakers to follow around.

Late last year, they got a new puppy, named Izzie. She's a cute little thing - definitely believes that she IS the center of the universe.

Bear is a changed dog - he is *thrilled* to have a new playmate - and for short spurts, he is like a puppy - running and playing. Eventually he remembers that he's an elderly gentleman now, and plops down to rest, as befits his years.

Bear can tell exactly when it's time to come ask for treats - if you're on the phone, he comes over and bumps his nose against your leg. He's figured out that if you're distracted, and on the phone, you can't tell him to go away, so you'll probably give in, and fish a cookie out of the drawer.

He's smarter than he lets on - when Izzie started obedience training, they signed up Bear as well - he ran rings around the puppies, despite all of us believing that he was *not* the brightest bulb - but then again, there were *treats* involved.

I trained Sneakers to shake hands and roll over for cookies - it took about 2 weeks of doing it a couple times daily. Bear...it took months - but eventually he figured it out. And once he got it - he wasn't averse to just coming over and if I paid the least bit of attention to him, he'd wave his paw at me - and if I ignored that, he'd rollover and then look up at me, as if to say - see? I did it? now you HAVE to give me a cookie!

Today, my boss only brought one dog to work. Over the weekend, they took Bear to the vet, and the vet told them that it was time - his tumours had grown to the size where they were affecting his quality of life.

I don't know the whole story - it seems awfully fast to go from running around chasing a ball like a frisky puppy on Friday, to being told that he is no longer with us - but I know that his family loved him like a child and wouldn't have chosen to let him go unless there was good reason.

Goodbye Bear - I hope that you and Sneakers are back together again! I'll miss you though - you weren't my dog officially, but I was your second choice when your master wasn't around, and that was good enough for me.
As the last few days of vacation week come to a close, I'm back home and starting to get back into the swing of things. Laundry is happening, grocery lists are being written and bills and mail is being dealt with.

I'm feeling much less stressed out - we'll see how long it lasts when I get back to work full-time Monday. Looking back at the last week, I think that one of the best parts was the puppy therapy that I got while I was in Texas. My friends have a young scotty dog who is *all* dog - none of this neurotic-doggy-who-needs-prozac stuff - this dog chases balls, plays tug, and just generally thinks the world revolves around her people - she is *so* excited when you pay the least bit of attention to her, she can hardly sit still because her tail is wagging so hard.

You just gotta love dogs who are *dogs*

Tomorrow's tasks:

- more laundry
- grocery shopping
- cooking for the week
- finish my tax returns (basically done, but I need to go over them before I write the cheques and put them into the mail next week)


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