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Nov. 9th, 2008 10:12 pm
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I feel old now :)

I went to see David Usher in concert on Friday night - he has a new album out and is touring across Canada. I was planning on coming home in November anyway, so I managed to schedule my trip so that I was home the day of his concert, and bought a ticket.

The concert was good - although I'm apparently out of touch - when I was in university and going to concerts, you were not allowed to bring in any recording devices or cameras - now half the audience is standing *completely* still in the first few rows, holding their cameras above their heads, videoing the show....

Anyway - the third song they played was an old song from their first major album - Push - back when they were the band Moist. I love that album - still listen to it a few times a year.

And I did the math, and realized that I was standing in the very same location, 14 years ago, watching the same song being performed by the same singer and keyboardist (the other band members are new).

Their album came out in 1994, my first year of university - and that Christmas we went to see Moist at the *Fabulous* Commodore Ballroom - it was a great show, and one of the first concerts I ever went to.

Time passes quickly - but at least I wasn't in a crowd of 19 year olds - a lot of the audience was my age, so I felt sort of like I belonged :)
I bought Madonna's new cd - "confessions on a dance floor".

The last Madonna cd I bought was...gotta be 1993? In high school anyway :)

But I heard the new song on some show the other day - CSI I think - and it sounded very up and boppy, so for $11.99 I decided to give it a chance. It's quite good - very high energy and bouncy.

It's definitely keeping my energy up as I work my way through setting up the new servers. 7 tomcats installed, 7 more to go.
Plus startup scripts and backup scripts for the database server.

Then I can figure out *exactly* how the heck I'm going to handle DNS - I need to figure out how to have http://www.domain.com/thissite/index.html go to $oldserver and http://www.domain.com/thatsites/index.html go to $newserver when www.domain.com is a virtualhost on mybox.domain.com.

fun fun.


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