So apparently my mom was scheduled to see her oncologist today, and start the next round of chemo on Friday, which we didn't realize. We thought the next dr consult was Friday.

She went in, talked to the dr who told her the CT scan showed the chemo did "everything he was hoping it would do" - obviously, not fixing anything, but good results and some shrinkage. He then said that he didn't want her to do any more for at least a while.

She told him she was happy to hear that she was done, because every time she did a round of chemo, it felt like she lost more lung capacity. He said, "well that should be being fixed, now that you're on the blood thinners"

??? said my mom.

Dr said "didn't your dr call you last week?" Mom "noooo".

Turns out, after the CT scan on the 4th, the radiologist called my mom's regular dr to say that the scan showed "massive blood clots" in her lungs, and she needed to get to emergency to get on blood thinners to prevent more from occurring. These blood clots are what is causing her lack of breathing capabilities. But, her dr is on holidays, so the radiologist spoke to a different dr, who apparently just wrote it down and left it on her dr's desk or something - he never followed up.

So my mom's oncologist is *pissed* - because he got the report on the 6th and had he known that she was not being treated, he would have had her in the hospital immediately. So he arranged for the paperwork to be set up at the hospital near our house, and told my mom to go home and straight to the emergency room.

She said "oh, by the time I drive home (2hours) I'll be wiped out - can I do it tomorrow?" He said he would set it up so that she could do it in the evening if she needed to - but she needs to do it now - he thought she had been treated for almost a week already.

So she dragged herself in, and they gave her an injection of Heparin, and some Warfarin pills. The warfarin takes a week or so to start working, so she needs to go to the hospital every morning for 7 days to get Heparin injections, and they take blood and call her in the afternoon to tell her what amount of Warfarin to take.

The drugs won't fix the blood clot - only time will do that. But they are supposed to prevent more from occurring.

So, good news about the chemo, good news that they FOUND A REASON for her shortness of breath, but seriously scary news about what the problem is and the fact that the doctor on duty didn't do their job to follow up on that kind of a report.

Medical shows are too scary now - "pulmonary embolism" is thrown around a LOT and never turns out well - I don't want to connect that with my mom!

still alive

Jul. 9th, 2008 10:50 pm
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Back from vacation

family stuff and vacation )

unix crashes )

Other than that, I need to buy groceries, do laundry and in general catch up on life. A friend of mine has her birthday this week, so we will shortly be coordinating schedules for a group of us to go for dinner - I have a couple of partial gift certificates left for a lovely restaurant, so I'll contribute those, and we'll have a smashing time.

In other news, Northern California is having a heat wave - over 100 degrees in San Jose etc. This time, however, Santa Cruz has so far not been affected - fog is LOVELY.

the insanity

Jun. 7th, 2008 07:10 pm
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To everyone who has responded - thank you for your good thoughts - it helps a lot.

I went home last weekend for a short trip - Thurs-Sunday. I hadn't planned it, but it turned out that Friday was the first day of my mom's chemo treatment. I drove her in on Friday morning and sat with her while the IV dripped 2 different drugs into her. She was so tired - she hadn't slept much the night before, so she actually slept through most of it.

So far side effects have been pretty mild - some muscle weakness in her legs, and just extremely tired and sleepy. They apparently have Really Good Drugs now for anti-nausea, because she never had any - so that's wonderful.

This week she went back in for the second course, and the nurse quizzed her on how it went. They're concerned that she is dehydrated - not drinking enough liquids, and they think that maybe the dosage is too high, if she is so tired.

My one brother who moved home, is doing a lot to help out - he's making sure there is food in front of her when she's awake, and changing sheets etc. My other brother who lives with my mom is being really good about responding to the weird stuff she asks for - we gave her a bell, so she can ring it from wherever she is, and he can hear her from his room. So he does things like open and close the curtains, get her something to drink, get her socks, water her tomatoes, etc.

My other brother is flying in next week for a few days, and then I'm scheduled to be back at the end of the month - this time for a week or so.

She is doing better now though - the last day or two have been much better, and today she was planning on going out and running some errands - which is great, seeing as yesterday was the first day in a week that she got dressed

work drama )
notes from my life, in no particular order

on Tuesday, it was mentioned to me that the end of March is "in 2 weeks". Someone stole my March. Please to be giving it back now.

the plague has returned )

Actual conversation on Saturday afternoon: )

some customers take the concept of "our users are nontechnical" to new lows. Case in point - a field on the form is called "Project Size". Most customers would populate this list with values like "Small, Medium, Large" or possibly "Minor, Moderate, Major".

This customer - no joke - had the following values:

Wedding Cake

There were various other references to baked goods in the fields, in an effort to "speak" to the nontechnical user audience.

I'm told that when the end users were given a demo, they were seriously offended and want all such references removed before proceeding.

New minion started on Monday. Was the only reason I dragged plaguey self out of bed and into the office. Did Dayquil shots to keep functional till about 2:30 when I gave up and went home to bed.

plague sucks )

Another minion starts on the 24th. Operations team will go from 2 people as of 6 months ago, to 5. I go from one person who works *with* me, to 3 people in the office who work *for* me and one person who works with me. Coincidentally, I lose all ability to get my own work done, right about, oh, NOW.

That light at the end of the tunnel better not be a damn train.
cancer also sucks )

Bought a new bluetooth headset for the cell phone - it's expensive, fancy and cool and DAMMIT doesn't stay on my ear, because apparently I have freakishly tiny ears.

geek )

Have splurged at amazon and have purchased sewing machine. Taking wagers on whether I'll actually execute any of the crafty sewing ideas that float through my brain occasionally.


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