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I did manage to move all my files off my desktop drive and onto the TERABYTE external drive that I bought - sooo much room!! I cleaned up all the wires and plugs and organized them into some sort of order although it never lasts. I have to get rid of the desktop carcass - I keep hearing about "green spot" recycling centers so I'll need to look that up.

Went to the store today and picked up some more plants - every few years I get into a mood where I want plants around - bought some bigger pots and some soil and repotted them all - so now I have 5 eight-inch pots with some nice sized plants, and 4 six-inch pots with some smallers ones. I've put them all on the windowsills of my bedroom window and we'll see how that works. It's light in my room, but only the window really gets direct light in the afternoon. Looking at the plants, makes me happy - I hope I can keep them alive :)

Even though I'm swamped at work, I offered minions the option of doing a training class on SQL - they both jumped at it eagerly, so we're starting on Monday at 11am - we'll try to do 30-45 minutes of basic SQL - I find this quite hilarious, because I'm not sure how I became qualified to teach, but I know more than they do, so it's a place to start :)

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I need to start looking for flights for June - I'm going home for a few days to visit my mom. My brother is going home next week, and my uncle is visiting at the end of May some time. My mom asked me, very tentatively, "when were you planning on coming out?" When I said June, she was all "oh thank god". I guess she was concerned about having visitors *all* of May but didn't want to say "no don't come home" :)

Despite having to spend 7 hours yesterday working on stupid dead server and recovering, I did get some time off today, and feel slightly better than I did on Friday.
I have a new housemate - she will be moving in at the end of this month. I think it will be ok - this whole housemate thing is absolutely ridiculous on the surface of it.

You advertise for a housemate, random strangers email/call you back and you set up a time to meet them. A total stranger arrives at your home, you invite them in, show them your house and all your worldly belongings - then you talk to them for 30 to 45 minutes, and at the end of that, you basically take a cheque from them and give them keys to your house.

Described like that, it's rather insane to think that it ever ends in *anything* but doom and death!

However, I have successfully navigated these waters in the past, and been extremely lucky to have found reasonable people to live with - some have turned into very good friends, some have ended up just being other humans I share space with. I'm happy either way - because I've heard the horror stories.

I suspect that this one, B. will be one of the latter - she's much older than me, and we probably don't have much in common. I'm totally fine with that, as she seems to be a straightforward person who can deal with the normal ups and downs of life - she walks with a cane, has survived cancer, has been laid off from her job and seems to have picked herself up off the ground, and just kept carrying on - she's had interviews and a possible job offer, she deals with her disabilities and she just keeps living.

I can definitely appreciate that.

So we shall see - my big concern is that she finds the staircase difficult (the bedrooms are upstairs). She says that having stairs will be good for her - but I won't be terribly surprised if after a few months she decides it's too much. But for now, I'll think happy longterm thoughts :)
Why is it that whenever I post an ad for a housemate, I get the weirdest replies?

My ad on craigslist is pretty straightforward - I specifically say that I'm looking for one, female housemate. I also say that a cat lives here. I also say that this is not a party house, no drugs, no smoking etc.

But, I live in Santa Cruz, apparently the land of illiterate people who want to waste my time.

So far, I've had responses from someone who wants to rent the room out for "her and her friend". I've had people respond, who set up a time to come see, and then tell me "oh but I'm allergic to cats so I can't live with a cat". I have one gentleman who emails me every time I put up the ad, even though I specifically state a preference for females and have not ever responded to him - it's becoming a game - I post the same ad for a housemate, and he sends me the exact same email responding to it.

I've had a person who came to look at the place, spend five minutes looking at the bedroom, tell me "it's not what she's looking for" - and then email me the next time I post the ad. Nah, I'm not going to waste my time showing you the place again...

I get it - looking for a place to live, is tough - I hate doing it, almost as much as I hate advertising for a housemate.

But if people would seriously just *read* the ad, before responding, we'd all be much more efficient at it.

And, obviously, I don't belong in Santa Cruz, because getting responses like "I am a professional graphic designer, looking for an awesome room, with lots of uplifting energy." just scares me.

However, if anyone knows someone who is looking for a place to live in Santa Cruz, let me know :)


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