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Oct. 19th, 2008 09:24 pm
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I'm not buying the house - the layoffs at work, combined with everything else going on, have affected me more than I realized. This past week, instead of getting excited with every step - the home inspection came back great! the pest inspection came back great! - all I kept doing is wishing that everything would simultaneously slow down and speed up so that I wouldn't have to think about it any more.

When I caught myself nearly having a panic attack in the grocery store on Saturday I realized- I'm not getting *excited* about this - I'm just stuck on "should I do this? should I do this? should I do this?"

Logically, this house has everything on my list - but my gut is saying that financially, I just don't feel right doing this right now - so I decided last night to back out.

And had the best night's sleep I've had in a week.

Today, I'm calm, and I feel like a giant weight is off my chest.

This is the right decision for me, for right now.


Oct. 15th, 2008 09:52 pm
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good news and bad news and other news

other news - we went back to the townhouse to take pictures, and the neighbors had their music cranked up - all through the house you could hear the bass pounding. I find that I'm especially sensitive to that type of noise, so now I'm freaking out and have to go back a few more times to see if I can deal with it, if they won't agree to turn it down :(

good news - home and pest inspections done, no real issues to report - the roof is old, but in good shape, termites have not eaten the building and fumigation was actually done a year ago, due to the other end unit being infested and badly in need of fumigation. My 3 big things are 1) standing water under the house due to lack of air flow - solution is to install some small fans apparently. 2) gutters are blocked and need cleaning and 3) chimney cap needs replacing - apparently $50 or so.

bad news - work laid off 6 people today - about 1/3 of our staff. 2 of those to be let go were surprises to me - one is my best friend, and one is probably my second best friend and adopted family here in California. The rest were more obvious as they were some of the newest hired. Completely due to the mess the economy is in, and the fact that everyone is *stopping* - orders are on hold, nobody is looking to buy or replace any software, and we have no idea how long it will be before people start feeling more confident.

I feel completely battered and bruised today - I'm sure they feel worse.
They signed the contract!!

Next week, we start inspections and official mortgage shopping!
Sandy called this morning to tell me that she received an email from the seller's realtor this morning at 7am stating that he did not hear back from the owners yesterday, so they must have gotten in late.

He did say, however, that he has a *verbal* agreement from them.

He has other meetings today, so he hopes to have signed contracts tonight some time.

Sandy told me "I'm going to *say* you have it, but of course, it's not completely for sure until you have signed papers"

still waiting

Oct. 11th, 2008 03:23 pm
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the latest news - they received another offer, we're not sure if it was for the full amount, or for a bit less. The seller's realtor told my realtor that he will recommend that they just accept our offer without coming back with a counteroffer, because a)it is a normal loan (with 20% down) and the other offer is a FHA loan and b)ours came in first, and it's not our fault that the owners were not able to respond in a timely manner.

Sandy told me not to panic, everything is ok - I just hope they get back from Vegas soon and we get an answer.

Meanwhile it's gorgeous fall weather out - just a bit chilly, and windy!

still waiting

Oct. 10th, 2008 08:41 pm
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We are still waiting for a response to the offer - apparently the owners are in Las Vegas and are "not computer savvy" so have not been able to download and do anything with the paperwork. The return tomorrow, so we've been told we should hear back then.

Their agent said "we're not, *not* accepting your offer"


head splodey.
I put an offer in on a house this evening!

Yes, the economy is a mess, house prices are still falling, credit is drying up all around me, my company is making noises like "gee we hope things get better soon!" - and I'm planning to spend slightly more than a quarter million dollars.

Am freaking out just slightly here.

The seller's agent seemed thrilled - the house came on the market this morning, we looked at it this afternoon - we appear to have been the first to see it, and we put the offer in this evening. The owners are actually in Las Vegas right now, but we should get a response by Friday at 1pm.

Yes, it sounds insanely fast, but I've been looking in this neighbourhood for the past 3 months. There are probably 30-35 townhouses on this street, I've looked at 4 of them so far that have come on the market - and the more places I looked at, the more I kept coming back to these units.

Please send positive vibes my way - I'm really hoping that the sellers don't try to play games and wait for a bunch more offers and pit us against each other - we offered the list price, so hopefully they'll just accept the offer so we can move forward.

catching up

Aug. 31st, 2008 10:42 am
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got back from vacation )

Amazingly, I only had one phone call from work - and that was on my first day - after that, they actually left me alone! When I got back, I mentioned this to my boss, and he was all "well you had sort of said you wouldn't be available, so we just sort of suffered and waited till you got back for stuff".

Now I know the magic words!

Thursday, D. and I caught up - he comes out to the office when I'm away, but we arranged for a day of overlap. Went over to the colo facility to do some maintenance and had lunch across the street. It was all good, until I found a tiny shard of *glass* in my coleslaw - well, I found it in my mouth :( As terrible as that sounds, I was so relieved - I thought I had broken a filling or a crown

Friday was catch up day, and I'm planning on taking at least part of Monday off, then back to the grind on Tuesday - my new server is here and I have to install the O/S, and Oracle so I can get back to setting up the standby database test stuff.

Yesterday I went to look at more houses )

fun and games

Aug. 19th, 2008 09:38 pm
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spent part of Sunday driving around Watsonville - I had picked a half dozen possible houses from the listings, and decided to drive by them to get a feel for the context of the photos. It definitely helped weed out a lot of the possibilities :)

crestview ct )

pending winchester )

Vacation starts tomorrow! Flying home, and then driving to Kamloops and Canoe BC in attempt to revisit my childhood summer trips. Only - this time *I* am driving so we can stop wherever/whenever we want, and I have a camera, so I can capture pictures!
So I've taken the first couple of steps toward the concept of buying a house - I talked to a mortgage broker and actually looked at 3 houses with my realtor (having a realtor doesn't count, my friend S. has been my realtor for years - I just wasn't giving her any business )

Mortgage broker lady is very nice - asked me many questions, had me fax her 18 pages of papers proving my answers, and then ran my credit report to get the Magic Number. Canada doesn't have a FICO score - so I've never had a clue what my score might be. I did warn her that, not being from around her, I only have 8 years of financial existence in this country.

Apparently I've been here long enough, and done enough of The Right Things - my Magic Number is 780, which caused the mortgage woman to swoon.


While she has not given me a maximum figure that I would qualify for, I'm pretty sure she's doing that on purpose, because when she asked me what I was contemplating, she told me that the number I'm (still learning to get comfortable with) would be no problem, and that I could qualify for that if I made half my current salary. Which, doing the math, is an extremely frightening thought - I've *made* half my salary, and I would be doing nothing but paying mortgage at that amount...the math is appalling.

One the house viewing front - it was entertaining to see the different places - we actually looked at 2 identical townhouses, in the same complex, with a 15k price difference. The one that is 15k more has been cleaned, painted, new carpets, and the bathroom remodeled. The one that hasn't...well, yech. It was pretty bad. S. said though, that in this market, the 15k difference was nothing - the newly spiffed up one could be had for the lower price with no problems.

Of course, neither of them was appealing for other reasons - but it is good to look at things to solidify my thoughts and come up with new things to look for.

The third place we looked at, was a tease - because S. sold it 2 weeks ago. :) It's very nice though - 3 big bedrooms, nice size living room, half bath and laundry room on the main floor, private back yard, 2 car garage plus decent size driveway. It's a duplex, I guess is how you would describe it - there are a handful of "sets" of 2 that are in this group. The only low point is the kitchen is small. Oh, and it's sold . But it's definitely in my happy place for features and price.

Now, if it was only closer to work - it's in Watsonville, and I still have to determine if I am willing to happily drive that commute every day. I drove it home yesterday - just randomly kept going past my exit and drove the rest of the way - traffic was pretty light and moving well - it took about 30 minutes. It's not a stressful drive - much more relaxed than driving over 17 is, but it does take time.

Today I looked at the new listings, and another one is up for sale - this is a 2 bedroom, and the reverse floorplan, but other than that, it is the same as the one we looked at. I would prefer the 3, which gives me the option of renting out a room, and still setting up an office for the occasional telecommuting, but I probably don't need it.

So, now I should probably figure out if I'm willing to do that commute.

It's all fun and games till there's a *deadline* involved.


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