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Jan. 9th, 2007 09:15 pm
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For the past 2 weekends I've been trying to get in to the hairdresser to get my hair cut off - it's gotten to the point where it's *almost* long enough to pull back into a ponytail, but not quite. My bangs are in my face and I cannot see properly. So I fuss with it all the time. I've also managed to lose or break all of my hair elastics :)

Finally, Saturday, I broke down and bought more hair elastics so that I could pull parts of it back and at least stop playing with it all day and get it out of my face.

This past weekend I worked all weekend, getting servers set up and moved over to the colo facility. Unfortunately, the big database server is still having RAID controller card issues, so I'm not feeling particularly warm and fuzzy towards it at the moment. We're going through the arrays one at a time and verifying them in the BIOS - slow, but hopefully it will straighten everything out, and let us know if there is a problem - the drives keep randomly deciding they need to be rebuilt.

So today I had had enough, called over to the hairdresser at 20 to 12 and asked if they had any openings around lunch time - they had someone available at noon, so I headed over.

Now, it's been probably 18 months since I've had a hair cut, so my hair is currently shoulder length, and I started out with a haircut where the longest pieces were about 3 inches long. Generally I encounter uncertainty from the hairdresser, who wants to know if I'm *absolutely* certain I want to cut it all off - and I reassure them that, yes, I really do know what I'm doing.

I generally provide some direction, and seem to always end up with about the same cut - it's ok, but this time I wanted something a bit different. So I gave *less* instructions and told the hairdresser to do whatever she felt would work. Some people don't like that - but this woman was thrilled :)

My only instructions were - I want it *short* and I need the sides to be either short enough to be above my ears, or long enough to pull back behind my ears - hair drives me nuts when it just hangs in my face :)

She left the sides long enough to pull back, the back short and razored, and the top all different lengths - it's lovely! She also said she would make notes about what she did so when I come back to get it trimmed, she'll know what she did.

I'm seriously going to put a reminder in my phone to go back there and keep it up to date.

I'll have to take pictures as well, so that I have a photo of what it looks like in case her notes aren't enough :)

And, to top it off, now that it's short again, I used the hair colour I bought a month ago and covered up all the damn grey in my hair. So now my hair is a lovely deep purple/black/brown colour in addition to being all styled and cut :)


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