Dec. 4th, 2007 10:58 pm
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I am a small, small person.

But I'm okay with that right now.

Just over 2 years ago, my company started the process of applying for my green card. At the same time, they started the same process for my co-worker.

I cooperated, went through the difficult and time-consuming process, and this past August, received my shiny new green card in the mail.

My co-worker "never got around to it" and after a few months, the lawyers put his file away.

Now it's too late - he won't be able to complete the process before his current visa expires, and he will likely need to leave the country at that point, until his green card application is approved. Now, the lawyers are going to try to do their best to avoid this, and of course my initial reaction is, "as usual, there will be no consequences" - I've had other friends who seem to magically expend much less effort that it takes for me to do things, and not have any penalties.

He has managed to take all my documentation and try to reuse it - rather than doing it himself. Which, is fine I suppose.

He didn't do any research into the process, so when I explained to him about the difference between the EB-2 and EB-3 classifications, he got a little panicked and decided he too should ask the lawyers to do EB-2

green card background )

So, co-worker emails the lawyers and says "oh btw I want EB-2 too, like spiffikins did"

Lawyers email him back "you don't qualify"

say whut?

Turns out, the lawyers sent off his diploma/degree program to the foundation that evaluates foreign degrees - my co-worker's 4 year Bachelor degree (from a respected university in Canada) does *NOT* meet the standards for a 4 year Bachelor degree in the US - therefore he does not have the "4-year Bachelor's degree" to get EB-2.

He's arguing it. And for his sake, I hope he wins.

But - he's from Toronto. And I'm from Vancouver. And he's *seriously* offended that my degree from the west coast hippie university on Vancouver Island is considered more suitable than his degree from a much more *respectable* school in Ontario. He's doing online research to find that *his* school was ranked better than my school. He's consulting polls and magazines.

I'm having *so* much fun with this.
I received my official "welcome to the US" letter on August 28th, 2007 - *exactly* 7 years to the day that I first moved to the United States.

I had 2 goals when I first moved to the US to work - one was to pay off my student loan, and the second, more long term goal, was to get my green card so that I could have the flexibility to continue to work in the US, while not being subject to the whims and vagaries of the INS.

I got my student loan paid off in just over 3 years, and at that time things were too unstable to think about starting the green card process.

Despite all of the problems at work, the instability of a few years ago, having to move back to Canada temporarily and the general stress of that whole time - getting my permanent residency makes it all seem worthwhile. If my employer hadn't done it, and we hadn't gotten it working, I would have had to leave the US in November, when my work visa expired, and while I would have had my experience and savings, I would have felt in some way like I wasted my time.

But, my letter came, and my physical green card came while I was away last week - so I'm a really real person now - I have the right to work for any employer in the US and can work at any job ever!



Nov. 9th, 2005 08:08 pm
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So last week began invasion of the Japanese. 3 engineers came to visit for 2 weeks to be trained on our product. Our training is very...flexible. In other words, we have very little plan - whomever gets dragooned into leading training for that part of the day basically decides what they want to teach and how they want to teach.

I was supposed to attend training, but on my first attempt at sitting in, I was told I was *teaching* that module...10 minutes before the session started. Interesting.

The office is full of people, we're all going out as a big group of 10-12 people every day for lunch and dinner. It's great, but I'm heartily sick of people right now, and really just want to have a quiet evening at home where I can catch up with my work and pet the cat.

Tonight everyone was going to my boss's house for a drink before deciding where to go for dinner. I begged off - I had full intentions of coming home and filling in some online forms for my green card application and h1-b renewal, but of course I forgot the paper that has my job description on it at work. I've been dragging it back and forth from work to home for 3 days and *now* I've left it where I'm not.

I guess I'll see what parts I can fill out without that info.

Tomorrow there is a session in Menlo Park on the new Green Card process and what it means for Canadians in particular. It's 10$ so I think I'll plan to go - it means I have to leave the office by 5pm though. Gee that's unfortunate :)

Thanks to niwikki for pointing me to the cool new avatar-building site :)
Okay - I finished writing up my job description: )

Everything in this job description has been, is currently, and will continue to be, my responsibility. No wonder I'm flippin' exhausted! I'm also sure I've missed things, because this is just the stuff that happens day to day, or is currently on my projects list.

Now, I just need to find a JOB TITLE that goes with this description, so I can send it to the immigration lawyers on Monday, so they can start telling us how to advertise this job, so that we can then go to the government and say "nobody can replace spiffikins, so you have to grant her a green card to stay in the US and do this job forever".



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