Nov. 13th, 2005 06:28 pm
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Victory! I found the Big Lots, and found a brayer for $1.99! This is very cool, as they are $10+ in craft stores and in the stampin up catalogue. I actually bought two - one to use for stamping and one to keep ink-free for smoothing things out.

Also scored an embossing buddy at Michaels so I'm now fully equipped to do embossing - I have powder, buddy and gun.

Pork chops in the oven cooking for this weeks salads. Thinking about what I'm going to do for dinner though...
Saturday was fun - we went to Stamp Camp! It's basically just a stampin' up get together, hosted by our demonstrator, and 2 other demonstrators, where we do 3 "bigger" projects - so we stamped snowflakes onto square glass jars to make gifts. We also stamped onto candles - very cool, and likely to be my Christmas gifts this year for co-workers and such. And we made little gift baskets for holding gift certificate cards. Plus, I won the best raffle prize - a set of Christmas stamps - the other prizes were just paper and such.

Today I'm going to go find a couple dollar stores I've been told about, and hopefully a new Big Lots, in order to poke around (I love dollar stores) and hopefully find more cheap crafting supplies. I need to figure out what to get to hold my craft stuff - currently it's in shopping bags under my bed. Not very organized.

Then it's back to the Raid-scented kitchen (another invasion of ants this morning) and I need to cook some food for this week - the last 2 weeks of eating out every day were very very bad and thankfully over. I need to be back on a sane eating plan.

My monitor is still awfully cool :) The hostess' husband is a gamer and he was drooling over the specs. So was the female geek I went with. It was all good. My friend who isn't into computers just nodded and smiled and was happy that I was happy. It was all good :)


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