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Feb. 26th, 2009 10:00 pm
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So my housemate is officially moving back to her mom's - she drove down Saturday morning and came back this evening. Her mom is in good spirits, but isn't really able to be on her feet for long at all - so housemate is doing *everything* - laundry, cleaning, cooking, errands, changing bandages, driving mom to doctors and appointments.

Housemate figured out right away that someone needs to be there with her mom, so she called our landlord Sunday to give notice. Our landlord is a friend of mine and she's being very cool and not making housemate pay rent for March even though she didn't give 30 days notice.

I've put up an ad on craigslist - there are a TON of rooms available for rent right now - it's crazy. Over 150 ads have been posted since Sunday morning when I posted mine, so now I'll have to be posting it every day or so just to keep it visible.

My desktop at home was overheating again over the weekend - I have a monitor tool that sits on the desktop and tells me the temperature of the CPU - when I turned on the box it would start at 65C and just go up - it hit 75C and I'd frantically fan a large notebook at the box (I have the side of the case off to try to let the heat dissipate a bit) and the temp would go back down to the high 60s. Then it would jump up to 88...and then the machine would turn itself off.

Monday I brought home a can of compressed air from the office and pulled the machine up and cleaned it out thoroughly with the air and just using my finger to get the dust out of the heat sink. I also brought it up off the floor, and put it up on a box. It's better, the temps sit around 39C-49C, but if I run Windows Media Player to play music, it can jump up to 72 really quickly. All the fans are running, but if I recall correctly, this is a Prescott chip, and they're apparently known to "run hot" and I probably need to doing something with the heat sink and new silver paste stuff (which I don't know how to do) - but my friend says that given this isn't the first time the machine has gone on an overheating cycle, I've probably damaged the chip and motherboard at this point...so I'm not sure how much money/time I want to put into this 4 year old box.

I have been planning to buy a new laptop and use that as my primary machine - but I missed out on a really good price in December or January and nothing else has come up with the specs I want, for the same price point. The closest in specs that I found was $1100 and this weird bronze/chrome snakeskin pattern...ugh. Hopefully I can keep the desktop running for a while yet until I find something I like.

Yesterday a bunch of coworkers and I all gathered at the local bar to meet up with G. who was laid off a few months ago. I wasn't excited to go, because I don't like bars as hangout spots - they're rarely set up to actually sit down and have a conversation with more than one or two people at a time - so a group of 8 or 10 people can't actually all hang out easily. I've kept in contact with G., so I also felt like I didn't need to necessarily take up any of the time he could be spending with people he hadn't seen in a few months - but at the same time, I thought he might be upset if I didn't show up.

I ordered a drink because I figured I might as well - someone suggested a Tequila Sunrise - it was alright, but I can take or leave alcohol - I was trying to figure out the last time I had anything other than a half glass of wine with dinner - probably over 10 years ago now, might even be closer to 15. Not sure if it was the liquor, but I ended up feeling really sort of out of it, and left after about an hour - had dinner, and felt really, really tired - ended up going to sleep by 9pm.

Plan for the weekend: figure out how to get everything but the furniture up off the floor of my room, so that I can see about having my landlord take a swipe at the carpet in my room while she has the hallway and the other bedroom done after Housemate moves out.

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Nov. 9th, 2008 10:12 pm
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I feel old now :)

I went to see David Usher in concert on Friday night - he has a new album out and is touring across Canada. I was planning on coming home in November anyway, so I managed to schedule my trip so that I was home the day of his concert, and bought a ticket.

The concert was good - although I'm apparently out of touch - when I was in university and going to concerts, you were not allowed to bring in any recording devices or cameras - now half the audience is standing *completely* still in the first few rows, holding their cameras above their heads, videoing the show....

Anyway - the third song they played was an old song from their first major album - Push - back when they were the band Moist. I love that album - still listen to it a few times a year.

And I did the math, and realized that I was standing in the very same location, 14 years ago, watching the same song being performed by the same singer and keyboardist (the other band members are new).

Their album came out in 1994, my first year of university - and that Christmas we went to see Moist at the *Fabulous* Commodore Ballroom - it was a great show, and one of the first concerts I ever went to.

Time passes quickly - but at least I wasn't in a crowd of 19 year olds - a lot of the audience was my age, so I felt sort of like I belonged :)


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