Fun earthquake last night - the strongest I've even felt. I wasn't in California for the Loma Prieta quake, but most of the people at the office today were reminiscing.

As my friend described it, "we had sat down to dinner, and things started shaking, and then they shook some more, and then my wife and I sort of ended up standing under the doorways with our dinners, eating standing up for a bit".

It definitely lasted longer than any I've felt before, and was the first one that I've felt where things in the room were swaying and moving and *continued* to sway for a bit afterward.

Hallowe'en today - I didn't go overboard with my costume - just let my true personality show today, wearing my glittery red devil horns. Nobody else in the office (all middle aged men except for one other woman) dressed up, but everyone thought it was a good idea that I did.

I've lost a filling this evening - I suspect it was damaged a while ago, as it seemed to have a sharp edge/piece sticking out, and I've probably just worried it loose and it popped out. I don't have it - not sure where it went. Tomorrow I'll have to call the dentist and see if they can get me in to get it repaired. Time for a checkup anyway. Hooray.

Hopefully not too many fireworks in the neighborhood tonight - I'm tired since I was woken up at 5:30 this morning by problems at our co-location facility. Tomorrow I have to follow up on my order of 5 servers for our development environment - $6000 charged to my credit card, expense report to go out immediately thereafter, for reimbursement. 5 computers should be ready Monday afternoon - I'll need to remember to pick up a couple monitors on my way back from picking them up.


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