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on Tuesday, it was mentioned to me that the end of March is "in 2 weeks". Someone stole my March. Please to be giving it back now.

the plague has returned )

Actual conversation on Saturday afternoon: )

some customers take the concept of "our users are nontechnical" to new lows. Case in point - a field on the form is called "Project Size". Most customers would populate this list with values like "Small, Medium, Large" or possibly "Minor, Moderate, Major".

This customer - no joke - had the following values:

Wedding Cake

There were various other references to baked goods in the fields, in an effort to "speak" to the nontechnical user audience.

I'm told that when the end users were given a demo, they were seriously offended and want all such references removed before proceeding.

New minion started on Monday. Was the only reason I dragged plaguey self out of bed and into the office. Did Dayquil shots to keep functional till about 2:30 when I gave up and went home to bed.

plague sucks )

Another minion starts on the 24th. Operations team will go from 2 people as of 6 months ago, to 5. I go from one person who works *with* me, to 3 people in the office who work *for* me and one person who works with me. Coincidentally, I lose all ability to get my own work done, right about, oh, NOW.

That light at the end of the tunnel better not be a damn train.
cancer also sucks )

Bought a new bluetooth headset for the cell phone - it's expensive, fancy and cool and DAMMIT doesn't stay on my ear, because apparently I have freakishly tiny ears.

geek )

Have splurged at amazon and have purchased sewing machine. Taking wagers on whether I'll actually execute any of the crafty sewing ideas that float through my brain occasionally.


Dec. 4th, 2007 10:58 pm
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I am a small, small person.

But I'm okay with that right now.

Just over 2 years ago, my company started the process of applying for my green card. At the same time, they started the same process for my co-worker.

I cooperated, went through the difficult and time-consuming process, and this past August, received my shiny new green card in the mail.

My co-worker "never got around to it" and after a few months, the lawyers put his file away.

Now it's too late - he won't be able to complete the process before his current visa expires, and he will likely need to leave the country at that point, until his green card application is approved. Now, the lawyers are going to try to do their best to avoid this, and of course my initial reaction is, "as usual, there will be no consequences" - I've had other friends who seem to magically expend much less effort that it takes for me to do things, and not have any penalties.

He has managed to take all my documentation and try to reuse it - rather than doing it himself. Which, is fine I suppose.

He didn't do any research into the process, so when I explained to him about the difference between the EB-2 and EB-3 classifications, he got a little panicked and decided he too should ask the lawyers to do EB-2

green card background )

So, co-worker emails the lawyers and says "oh btw I want EB-2 too, like spiffikins did"

Lawyers email him back "you don't qualify"

say whut?

Turns out, the lawyers sent off his diploma/degree program to the foundation that evaluates foreign degrees - my co-worker's 4 year Bachelor degree (from a respected university in Canada) does *NOT* meet the standards for a 4 year Bachelor degree in the US - therefore he does not have the "4-year Bachelor's degree" to get EB-2.

He's arguing it. And for his sake, I hope he wins.

But - he's from Toronto. And I'm from Vancouver. And he's *seriously* offended that my degree from the west coast hippie university on Vancouver Island is considered more suitable than his degree from a much more *respectable* school in Ontario. He's doing online research to find that *his* school was ranked better than my school. He's consulting polls and magazines.

I'm having *so* much fun with this.


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