Back in November, I asked my boss for a raise and he said he would get back to me before the end of the year.

Late last week, when I got in to the office, he pinged me on messenger saying "Did you check your email yet?" - I had been making my way through it, and asked him if there was a particular crisis he wanted me to be aware of right away? He said, no crisis, just look for the email from him - so I scrolled down, and found a official letter from the company telling me they were bumping my salary up *significantly* as of January 1st 2008.

When I was talking to my brother last month and told him I was planning on asking for a raise, he agreed that it was a good idea, pointing out that our family *sucks* at asking for appropriate compensation.

My mom is self-employed as a bookkeeper and does income tax - her problem is that she starts out "I spent X number of hours doing this, so I should charge Y..." and then she *finishes* the conversation, "but they don't have the money, so I'll have to charge them less..."

I told her the other day - I do the same thing - I start out "gee I think I should ask for a raise, it's been a few years, and I've taken on a lot more responsibility at work" - and then I *finish* the conversation myself - "but the company is still struggling, and probably can't really afford it".

I finally decided - I'm not going to *finish* the conversation by myself - I'm going to let the other person be the one to say yes or no - and I told my mom that she needs to do the same thing with her clients.

Because, sometimes, they say yes!


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