Apr. 30th, 2009 10:13 pm
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This afternoon I sent out an email to let people know that I would not be in the office tomorrow. Boss replied back to me via his blackberry, that he was in a meeting, but did need to talk to me yet today.

So we chatted a bit - he indicated that he spoke to both the CEO and the VP of Engineering and all have agreed that it's not right that all the hard technical problems are left to me to troubleshoot. Engineers will be told that they need to pitch in more on support tickets and support staff (my minions) will be given instructions to go directly to engineers for help instead of coming to me for everything all the time.

He also reiterated that I'm to hire an IT person to take on lots of stuff.

I said that sounded promising but would be difficult to implement because engineers would be out of their comfort zones and minions are comfortable not just coming to me for answers, but also to make decisions about how to proceed with things - which we don't want engineers deciding :)

I said, half jokingly, "as long as I'm 10 feet away, it's very easy to just come run things by me".

oohhhh I should have kept my mouth shut.

The next thing he said was that "Qualcomm wants you back". Last year, I spent a month in San Diego working on a project for this customer - it was interesting, and the theory was that, while I was away, everyone would figure out how to do the stuff that I normally do - in reality, they figured some stuff out, other stuff they panicked and I did remotely in the evenings, and other stuff they just put off till I came back.

Yesterday, apparently a new group at Qualcomm decided to move forward with a project, and want someone onsite. My name was apparently volunteered. The project is scheduled for 2 months, but will likely be more like 4 months.

I am slightly panicking - first off - this project already has parts to it that we have no idea how we can implement. Secondly, I haven't ever actually done a full customer implementation where I do the project management, configure the software and architect and write the custom code. I've done pieces, I've brainstormed with others on their projects, I've helped out - but never been the sole person responsible.

So there's that part. The other part is that I don't really want to be away for months - I'm planning on going home in June to visit my mom - although it seems like it's good that I haven't yet bought plane tickets.

On the other hand, realistically? Being away for a couple months right when management is open and promoting the idea of real change to make my life better - it may possibly work. Maybe. Except - when do I interview and hire the IT person? I have to order new memory for the database server - who will install that? Who will install php/mysql/apache/drupal and the backup stuff on the production servers so we can implement the new web page? I just sort of said to boss "I do have a list of stuff that needs doing to get the next *hugely important* release out the door asap". He just looked worried and said "I realize that"

Then he suggested that he, coworker who is up visiting from San Diego, and I go out to dinner. Dinner was really good, and then CEO joined us later for dessert. Talking to coworker afterwards - he may even be more broken than I am - to the point where his girlfriend is seriously suggesting that he might be better off quitting and moving back to Canada, even though it would screw up his green card application and his ability to be here with her.

Sooooo, we shall see. Meanwhile, tomorrow, I'm sleeping in, taking some books back to the library, going to file some papers away, shred some garbage and generally do nothing particular. Because last weekend? I didn't get a Saturday.

Life is certainly interesting.
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