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random stuff from the past week or so

Very windy last week - to the point where we lost power here - sort of. The stove had partial electricity and would blink "--" and then "F6" at me, angrily, when I attempted to turn on the burner. The kitchen lights worked, as did the lights and outlets in the 2nd bedroom upstairs. But my bedroom had no power - from about 6:30pm Tuesday through Wednesday around 6pm. Thank goodness the fridge had power!

Wednesday at the Dev meeting, they announced that we are looking to hire an Engineer - and that they had called G who was laid off in September and told him that the job was his if he wanted it. This is good - when they did the layoff, they said that all the decisions were purely business only, and that they had full intentions of trying to hire people back if they could, when things got better. One Engineer did come back in January, and now they've made the offer to G.

I went over to G's house Wed night and we talked about it - I told him that I would be thrilled if he came back, as I miss him - but that I completely understand if he doesn't. He's moved on - found a new job that, while it has some downsides, has enough upsides to compensate - and as he put it, even if he came back, he would never feel *secure* again.

Friday I was pulled off my planned work to do a prototype for a demo on Tuesday - the prospect wants to see a list of 31 things - each of which is weighted identically in terms of importance, and some of which are really quite random. Case in point - they've decided they want to see a "live chat" feature where end users can type into an IM-style box and talk directly to someone. So my job was to find one of these widgets and plunk it into our product to show that "it can be done". I used one called "meebo" - it works fine for what it is, but if we were to do it for real, we'd really want to integrate it better into the product - even just capturing the transcript and putting it into the ticket, would seem to be useful.

New roommate was supposed to come over this weekend to bring some more stuff. She called and made a point of saying she would be here to move some kitchen stuff in, and where can she put it, and she doesn't want me to come home to a pile of boxes in the living room...but she never showed up. I wasn't hanging around waiting, but still, it's becoming odder and odder. I sense that this roommate is going to be Drama, personified. I shall make popcorn and prepare to be entertained.

New laptop is Very Nice. Desktop appears to have succumbed to a fit of jealousy - as soon as I unplugged the monitor from the desktop to attach to the laptop, the video card on the desktop seems to have gone on the blink. I had to connect the monitor back up to the desktop - but no signal is received. Have pilfered a spare video card from work to see if I can get desktop up and running long enough to set up shares and enable remote access so I can get my stuff off of it.

It was in the 80s yesterday and the 90s today - Much Too Hot for April. I have to look at the weather report, but I recall hearing that it's supposed to cool way down later this week - I'm all for it.

Coding this week - writing an integration between our tool and something called "Novo" - a ticketing system that the customer uses for another purpose. Web services!! They did all the hard work wrapping the crappy crappy Novo API into web services and cleaning up the methods - I've got all the logic written today and tomorrow is cleanup and logging so that when I send it over, and it fails, we'll hopefully have enough information to figure out where I went wrong
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