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I have a new housemate - she will be moving in at the end of this month. I think it will be ok - this whole housemate thing is absolutely ridiculous on the surface of it.

You advertise for a housemate, random strangers email/call you back and you set up a time to meet them. A total stranger arrives at your home, you invite them in, show them your house and all your worldly belongings - then you talk to them for 30 to 45 minutes, and at the end of that, you basically take a cheque from them and give them keys to your house.

Described like that, it's rather insane to think that it ever ends in *anything* but doom and death!

However, I have successfully navigated these waters in the past, and been extremely lucky to have found reasonable people to live with - some have turned into very good friends, some have ended up just being other humans I share space with. I'm happy either way - because I've heard the horror stories.

I suspect that this one, B. will be one of the latter - she's much older than me, and we probably don't have much in common. I'm totally fine with that, as she seems to be a straightforward person who can deal with the normal ups and downs of life - she walks with a cane, has survived cancer, has been laid off from her job and seems to have picked herself up off the ground, and just kept carrying on - she's had interviews and a possible job offer, she deals with her disabilities and she just keeps living.

I can definitely appreciate that.

So we shall see - my big concern is that she finds the staircase difficult (the bedrooms are upstairs). She says that having stairs will be good for her - but I won't be terribly surprised if after a few months she decides it's too much. But for now, I'll think happy longterm thoughts :)
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