Jan. 22nd, 2009

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Jan. 22nd, 2009 07:37 pm
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this week has been exhausting for some reason...I'm burnt!

Monday - we lost the T1 at the office around noon, and I spent the rest of the day playing "call the verizon people to get updates and try to jostle the ticket along". Determined that despite the fact that we send *verizon* oodles of money every month for the T1 line, the physical hardware and lines in our area are owned and maintained by AT&T - so verizon spent most of the day trying to coordinate with AT&T playing the "not our fault, is your fault" game. Also spent the morning fixing bugs in my code, and the afternoon, when I ran out of "things I can do without internets" was spent archiving mssql databases - something that is has been on the list for... four years...but really wasn't a priority.

Tuesday - still no internets, and I have a dentist appointment. Dentist appointment was ok - a chunk of the grafted bone in my gum from the implant several years ago, apparently *broke off* and was working its way out of my body. He verified it was indeed a broken off piece and offered me two options - let him stab me with a needle, freeze me and pull it out or I could go home and worry at it like a loose tooth, and it would come out on its own. He gave me a month to work on it, and if it wasn't out by then, he would freeze me and do it. I had it out by lunch time. The only reason I didn't get it out over the weekend when I first noticed it, was that I was freaked out and not sure I was supposed to *touch* it. T1 came back while I was at the dentist.

Tuesday evening, I spent a good chunk of time on the phone with my boss who is in Japan at a customer site. Debugging and troubleshooting over the phone with translations! Till 11:30pm! fun!

Wednesday - don't really remember. there was a dev meeting... Oh! I tried all afternoon to get to the results of the troubleshooting from Japan, and had just begun, at 3pm, when my boss called to say "so why didn't it work?". I told him that there was nothing obviously misconfigured, so my only theory was to do all the things he had done in Japan over the course of the whole day, in the next hour, on our Windows 2003 server - which is to say, install apache, java, 2 tomcats as services and use *his* config files to determine why loadbalancing wasn't working. Went through that whole process, and found we had a single extra line in one config file that apparently doesn't work with the older version of tomcat they are using (which is why I had to install everything identical to the customer in japan). Figured that out, and spent the next 40 minutes trying to get a tool to do a java threaddump in windows - none of the free ones seemed to work with the configuration they have, so found a trial version of a commercial tool.

Wednesday evening - more troubleshooting - this time I set up a webex meeting and took remote control to fix the problems instead of trying to work through my boss and the japanese customers.

Thursday - who knows, I give up - finally was able to reproduce the 2 remaining bugs that QA kept giving back to me, insisting that they kept happening - turns out that if you send an email from gmail's web interface, the email contains nested multiparts. I didn't handle that right - now I do.

Tomorrow? Apparently I have to try to get ahold of verizon to renegotiate our T1 pricing and get a quote on a bonded T1 - my boss is tired of us all whining that the office internet is too slow. Not sure why it's now in my job description...nor why it's suddenly a higher priority than anything else on my list...but that's why he writes the cheques.

Want weekend.


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